Publication scheme

Our publication scheme categorises information routinely available from the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC). It has been developed to give the community greater access to information held by the QFCC.

The purpose of the publication scheme is to make the maximum amount of information available at minimum cost and inconvenience to the public. Material which is published and accessed on the QFCC’s website will be provided free of charge. Charges may apply to information accessed under the Right to Information Act 2009.

Please note that the QFCC will not include information that:

  • is prohibited by law from disclosure or is exempt under the Right to Information Act 2009
  • in a draft form, or
  • in a form that cannot be easily accessed.

Information in our publication scheme is grouped and accessible through seven classes:

  1. About us
  2. Our services
  3. Our finances
  4. Our priorities
  5. Our decisions
  6. Our policies
  7. Our lists

Some of the documents on this site may only be available in pdf format. If you are not able to read these documents please contact us and we will endeavour to meet all reasonable request for an alternative format of the document.

Enquiries, feedback and complaints

We value your comments and any feedback you provide will be used to make improvements to our publication scheme.

Individuals wishing to make a complaint about the information available on the publication scheme can do so by writing to the QFCC as follows:


Deputy Commissioner, Corporate

Queensland Family and Child Commission

PO Box 15217

Brisbane City East QLD 4002



(07) 3900 6000

The Queensland Family and Child Commission is collecting your personal information to respond to your inquiry, feedback or complaint. We will not give out your personal information to third parties.

25 June 2018