Right to Information

We’re making it easier to access information about our role, our services, finances, policies, registers and lists, as well as information released through Right to Information (RTI) and Information Privacy (IP) applications.

There are several options available to access this information.

Is the information you're looking for already available?

Check the following sites:

You can contact us and we can help determine if the information is accessible.

How to make an informal request for information

You can make an informal request for information verbally or in writing by contacting us.  Written requests do not need to be in a particular form and can be made in general correspondence.

You should give as much information as possible so the documents can be identified and located.

Cost and evidence of identity

There is no charge for informal releases of information unless there are a large number of documents. The QFCC can charge for photocopying or similar costs.

You must provide satisfactory evidence of identity before accessing the documents.

General information is also available on the Queensland Government's Right to Information page.

25 June 2018