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Yarn Up cards

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Yarn Up cards

Encouraging people to explore their cultural identity and recognise their family's strengths.

“The statements on the Yarn Up cards are drawn from our cultural foundation. These are the reasons why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have survived for more than 60,000 years in good times and in bad. These words filled with wisdom and strength have been reinforced through Elders, families and communities for generations and have kept us strong.”

          Aunty Florence Onus -  Tiddas Yarning Circle, Garbutt Community Centre

The Yarn Up cards were developed by the Garbutt Community Centre's Tiddas Yarning Circle. They are a resource made up of powerful statements about culture, strength, identity, hope, family, obligations and responsibility.

They can be used as conversation starters to get people talking about family. The Yarn Up cards can be used in schools, men's and women's yarning circles, community groups and workplaces to encourage people to explore their cultural identity and recognise their strengths.

We are proud to have been able to support this community led initiative. It is our hope that people will continue to contribute statements so the Yarn Up cards can grown and evolve.

Yarn Up card sets

A limited number of the Yarn Up card sets were printed and these have all been distributed.

You can print your own set of Yarn Up cards from the PDF links below.

Yarning activities for adults and kids

Run your own yarning activity by downloading the template below and ask people to put their yarns on paper.

You can host an activity with children where they can explore what is important about their family and how they know that they are loved, by downloading the activity sheet below.

You can help us to create more Yarn Up cards by emailing your statements to familiesarefirst@qfcc.qld.gov.au

With parent's or carer's permission, you can also send us the stories and pictures created by children so we can share what they have to say about what family means to them.