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What we do

Every day, the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) works to improve the child protection and family support system.

We keep a check on the system through reviews, research and by listening to children, families and communities. We then use that information to educate the sector (the people who work in it) and the broader community about how to keep children safe and well, so every child can reach their full potential.

Our work aims to improve the child protection and family support system by:

  • increasing collaboration across the sector
  • providing the best support for children, families and communities – especially those who are most vulnerable.

We do this by:

We exist for children, families, the workforce that supports them and the Queensland community.

Our work is visually represented in the diagram:

What we do diagram.png

QFCC What We Do Diagram
QFCC What We Do Diagram

As you can see the check, educate and improve cycle is unending.

Last modified: 
24 February 2017