If you believe your child is in immediate danger or a life-threatening situation, call emergency services on triple zero – 000.
Under our legislation, we don’t investigate individual children’s and families’ circumstances. If you suspect a child in Queensland is experiencing harm or neglect, please contact the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services.

Queensland Foster Carer Demographic Insights Report

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Queensland Foster Carer Demographic Insights Report

This report, produced by QFCC and PeakCare, presents a comprehensive demographic analysis of foster carers in Queensland, highlighting the significant challenges and opportunities for the sector. Key findings include a decline in traditional foster carers, demographic shifts impacting availability, and the need for systemic reforms. The report offers actionable opportunities to revitalise the foster care system, emphasising the importance of targeted recruitment, improved support systems, and greater flexibility for potential carers.

The Queensland foster care system is at a critical juncture. With traditional pools of foster carers drying up, it is imperative to adopt innovative and flexible approaches to foster carer recruitment and retention. Collaborative efforts involving all stakeholders are essential to revitalise this crucial part of the child protection system. 

By addressing the identified demographic challenges and leveraging the opportunities presented by different carer personas, Queensland can build a more robust and responsive foster care system that meets the needs of children, young people, families and communities.