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Amplify Blog - Social Media

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Amplify Blog - Social Media

Amplify Blog

QFCC Engagement Support Officer Jessy discusses how social media is both a blessing and a curse. 


We have the world at our fingertips.

We can connect with people from all over the world, faceless or not, at anytime at the speed of a click.

We can like, comment, share, save, react and block.

We have constant access to information, content, photos, videos, texts and dopamine.

Social Media is truly a blessing and a curse…

As a Gen Zer, I have seen the impact of social media on myself and my generation.

I constantly reach for my phone, for a new notification, for a new message, for a new video, for a new like.

Refresh, again and again and again.

People my age, would speak more online than in person than ever before. And then when we were with each other, we would always be on our phones, or engaging in some type of social media.

There are extensive harms to social media.

There is a flooding of fake news and false events that flood our timelines from the truth.

We obsess over photos of those we envy, or modify ourselves through filters until we are unrecognisable.

We post photos for the validation of others, but if there isn’t enough we can just click and its gone… or so we think.

We wake up in the morning and reach for our phones instead of our loved ones.

We have never been at a point of our lives, that we could be so connected, yet we aren’t.

We are undeniably disconnected from ourselves and from each other.

However… there is some light to the darkness

While social media can be harmful, it is ultimately a tool, that with our control, we decide its impact.

A tool that is: a blessing or a curse.

Social media can help us to speak to friends, families and loved ones from all over the world.

We can learn anything and everything from videos to photos to text.

We can share parts of our lives with others and stay connected with others.

This is all if we use the tool effectively. If we allow social media to be a blessing and not a curse.

So for anyone of any generation, please help it to be a blessing.

Let us be the generations that utilise social media for its benefits and not for its harm.

Let us be mindful of our social media use and connect with the incredible, beautiful individuals on screen and in person where possible.

Let us change.

Let us change for the benefit of ourselves, our society and for numerous generations.