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Amplify Blog - Ur twenties

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Amplify Blog - Ur twenties

Amplify Blog

By a QFCC Youth Advocate.


A young adult’s ramblings about finding her way in a world that is ever changing.

“It’s the time of your life.”
“You only live once.”
“Wait until you’re 30 and the real responsibility kicks in.”

Phrases I have heard far too often, that sit dormant in my mind and cease to leave as I attempt to navigate “the best time of my life”. Now, I love my life and am beyond grateful for so many aspects. But it would be disingenuous to hide the feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, the tears, and conflicted-ness of being a young adult.

I’m recently at that point in my life where some friends work a 9-5, others are getting engaged or starting families, some party their weekends away, and others have moved across the world.  Now, that isn’t to say that any of the above are invalid and not incredible ways to spend an individual’s life, but I think amid the madness of life you get these moments where you reminisce on your old life. It could be laughing in the middle of a school oval, dancing your weekend away, spending hours at the beach with no care in the world – simply being immersed in the waves. Whatever it is. I bet life has changed since that moment and it looks very different.


Now, maybe that’s a good thing and that’s also valid. Letting go of your younger self for the self that you are creating is fantastic. But I think for me, I struggle with that. I have found my young adult life exceptionally lonely. Not to say that the individuals in my life currently aren’t beautiful humans. But I did not grow up with them, laugh with them as I walked across the stage and completed year 12, or cry with them as I faced my first heartbreak.

I think there’s this misconception amongst adults that making friends is easy. But my reality has been that making friends is beyond hard. Trying to make time for uni, going to the gym, assignments, work, my family, my goals and then my friends has been near impossible. It’s lonely. People are in different places in life which is reality but at the same time it still hurts.


Maybe I am too fresh in my journey as a 20-year-old or maybe I should’ve taken those younger years less for granted. Who is to know?