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Amplify Blog - Building a personal brand

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Amplify Blog - Building a personal brand

Amplify Blog

The below is a guest blog by Dominic, a QFCC Youth Advocate

In today’s digital era a strong personal brand has never been so vital. Who you are as a person is portrayed by your “brand”, or online image. Having a professional presence on social media sites is beneficial, invaluable and easy to do.  

Through platforms such as LinkedIn, people can search to see your work experience, community involvement and extra-curricular activities. This allows young people to access new opportunities and join a network of like-minded individuals.

A personal brand allows you to stand out in your field of interest and express your authenticity and uniqueness. It encompasses your values, goals, knowledge and reputation. Think of it like how your friends view you when they spend time with you, except online. It is an important aspect of job seeking and career building as it highlights your personality and experiences.

Developing a professional presence online has many benefits: Connect with industry experts, display your skills, build a strong name for yourself and boost your career. Although, for young people, it may seem daunting or overwhelming knowing where to begin. It is important to remember that every person in their position was once in your shoes.

There are a few simple steps which you can take to creating a personal brand that reflects you. Check out some of our tips below:

  1. Search your name on Google

Searching your name online will show any results or information associated with you. Ensure this is up to date, correct and positive. If you come across something of you that shouldn’t be there, contact the website or person to remove it.

  1. Create a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used social media platforms amongst professionals, companies and businesses. It is a useful tool for students and young people as well as it allows you to connect with leaders, managers and future employers. You can list your leadership activities, awards or community groups your part of. 

  1. Create a Twitter account

Twitter is also another platform that is widely used amongst businesses and industry leaders. It is an easy to use platform which allows you to share information, blogs or comments. You can post about your achievements, repost articles or follow leaders. It is also widely used in political circles and is one way to remain updated with news and current affairs.

  1. Create a Blog

A great way to share your thoughts and expertise is to write an online blog. It is one of the best ways to start a personal brand and connect with your area of interest. You may feel like your opinion or knowledge isn’t valuable, but a blog is a perfect way to begin curating your ideas and sharing it. Platforms such Medium.com are the perfect place to publish articles and find your voice.

Being active on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter can open many opportunities and allow you to connect with professionals and youth alike. No matter your age, it is never too late to begin crafting your online presence.