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Drive for Youth Advocates comes to Cairns

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Drive for Youth Advocates comes to Cairns

Drive for Youth Advocates comes to Cairns

23 March 2023

Find out more about becoming a QFCC Youth Advocate by clicking here.

Young Queenslanders wanting to raise their voices and create change in their communities are invited to apply to become a Youth Advocate with the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC).

QFCC Principal Commissioner Luke Twyford said he was pleased to visit Cairns this week to kick off the recruitment drive and start the search for the next raft of QFCC Youth Advocates.

“We have a diverse group of 25 Youth Advocates from across Queensland, aged between 14 and 25, who provide valuable advice to the QFCC based on their lived experiences and perspectives about issues that are important to them, including youth mental health, youth homelessness, First Nations equity, LGBTQIA+ rights, out-of-home care, and so much more,” Mr Twyford said.

“We are looking to recruit new Youth Advocates to grow our network and want to hear especially from First Nations young people, young people with lived experiences of Queensland’s youth justice and child protection systems, and young people from regional and remote Queensland.”

QFCC Youth Advocate Sarah said communities benefitted immensely when young people were given meaningful opportunities to participate in the decisions that affect them.

“When young people are given opportunities to be listened to, we feel our voice, experiences and ideas have power; we feel a sense of positive purpose in the community and in decision-making; and we are more likely to want to contribute to better our communities,” Sarah said.

“The Youth Advocate network provides an excellent opportunity for young people to use their voices to influence change, while also providing opportunities to develop their skills that will help them in their advocacy efforts and into their working lives.”

Mr Twyford said young people could influence real change when given a platform to express their views. “Youth Advocates work with the QFCC and other government agencies and organisations to bring about meaningful outcomes for young Queenslanders—that can include participating in workshops, co-designing projects, meeting with government officials, or participating in forums and events,” Mr Twyford said.

“In 2022, QFCC Youth Advocates participated in a host of significant initiatives, with highlights including giving evidence before Queensland Parliament’s Mental Health Select Committee and actively participating in Queensland’s Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce.

“The inclusion of young Queenslanders’ voices in these landmark initiatives influenced the final recommendations handed to government, with the outcomes having potential to deliver real and lasting change for both young Queenslanders and the broader community.

“Young people considering applying to become a Youth Advocate can look forward to participating in opportunities like these.”

For more information about becoming a QFCC Youth Advocate, visit www.qfcc.qld.gov.au




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