If you believe your child is in immediate danger or a life-threatening situation, call emergency services on triple zero – 000.
Under our legislation, we don’t investigate individual children’s and families’ circumstances. If you suspect a child in Queensland is experiencing harm or neglect, please contact the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services.

Every Child. Every Right. Every Time

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Every Child. Every Right. Every Time

Each year, the Queensland Family and Child Commission explores the state of child rights in Queensland through the Queensland Child Rights Report.

The UNCRC is an international legal treaty that requires thorough monitoring and reporting to ensure governments and other relevant bodies create the fundamental conditions for human/child rights to be realised for everyone. The Queensland Child Rights Monitoring Approach (CRMA) has been developed as a methodology for monitoring and reporting on child rights in Queensland. 

One of the goals of a rights-based approach is for rights to be embedded in all our systems. The CRMA is founded on these three ‘guiding aspirations’:

Every Child – children are entitled to all of them without exception

Every Right – all rights are as important as each other

Every Time – all rights work together and should be realised all the time

What is this?

We are looking for real voices, stories and experiences of children and young people about Child Rights in Queensland!

What’s involved?

Your story, if you say it’s okay, may be included in the 2024 Queensland Child Rights Report and/or on this website, without your name or identity shown of course!


It’s important you read the Questions and Answers, as well as the Consent Information sheet. These have ALL the information you need to understand what happens with your story. Also, ask us any questions you like before or after submitting your story. You can say ‘no’ to your story being kept or published, even after you’ve submitted it.

I’d rather speak to someone…

If you would prefer, reach out to us to organise a telephone call or online catch-up with someone from the QFCC First Nations and Child Rights Advocacy Team.

Any Questions? Reach out to us at childrights@qfcc.qld.gov.au