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Youth participation

We value the rights of children and young people to be involved in decisions about legislation, systems, policies and practice designed to promote their safety and wellbeing. 

Young people have told the QFCC they experience barriers to having their voices heard. That’s why the QFCC developed the Youth Participation Strategy. 

The Youth Participation Strategy aims to make sure children and young people have meaningful opportunities to participate in and inform the design and delivery of our work. It also identifies ways children and young people can help us determine whether the work we have done has been effective and beneficial. 

Each year the QFCC develops a Youth Participation Plan to commit to actions in line with the Strategy. Check out the 2017- 2018 Youth Participation Plan and Youth Participation Strategy to see how we connect, respect and celebrate the views of young people.    

We commit to placing young people in positions of leadership and influence by appointing them as members of the Youth Advisory Council. This provides a forum for young people to lead projects and influence the QFCC’s work. 

Last modified: 
15 March 2018