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Why aren't families using support services in Queensland?


The QFCC recently surveyed more than 4000 parents and non-parents and found that more than two-thirds of parents (70%) have found it hard to cope with the stress of being a parent or care giver, and yet only 1 in 10 parents had taken up professional support to ease that pressure.

The research shows it's more acceptable to offer and accept help and support, than it is to ask for help and support. One of the major barriers identified with asking for help is that almost three-quarters (72%) of parents worry they will be judged for using parental support services.

Overcoming this stigma will be a major step toward encouraging the uptake of early intervention support services.

To get a better understanding from the perspective of the sector, we also surveyed 200 stakeholders working with Queensland families in both non-government organisations and Queensland Government roles.

The 15-minute survey asked respondents about the culture within their organisation and attitudes and opinions when working with families.

The aim of the survey  was to better understand from a sector perspective why families would or would not seek out services or take up support services when referred.

Will we share the results?

Yes. We will share all of the results of this survey with interested organisations. We figure the more we know about the culture within the child protection and family support sector, in addition to the reasons families do or don't use support services - the better we will all be at supporting the most vulnerable families in Queensland.