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We're in your corner

All Queensland’s children and young people deserve to grow up happy, healthy and able to reach their full potential.

Of course that means you, too. You have valid, important views about the world you’d like to live in.

Whether you’re living at home, away from home (either in care or under another arrangement), your voice needs to be reflected in big decisions made by government.

Speaking up for you where it matters

We do everything in our power to ensure you have your say, no matter where in our state you come from and whatever your background or circumstances.

One of the best things about Queensland is the beautiful diversity in our people and communities. We’ve all had different life experiences, we all come from different backgrounds and we definitely have different views and stories.

Some of the ways we work with you and your mates include:

  • events that are focused on children and young people
  • group consultation about different projects
  • partnering with other organisations that work with children and/or young people
  • supporting you to attend events where your voice needs to be heard.
Last modified: 
22 November 2017