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Undertaking the Blue Card and Foster Care System Review

In conducting the review, the Panel and the QFCC will:

  1. Establish steering and advisory mechanisms representative of the scope of the Blue Card and Foster Care Systems. 
  2. Work collaboratively with stakeholders, including through conducting state-wide and targeted consultation and providing an open opportunity for written submissions.
  3. Consider the QFCC’s own prior reviews, relevant publications and evidence of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry and the Queensland Ombudsman.
  4. Explore any specific issues with the Blue Card System experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children.
  5. Assess and consider relevant developments in other jurisdictions, including the impact on the Queensland Blue Card system of a nationally consistent approach or model.
  6. Provide an estimate of any costs, savings, efficiencies or impacts to government or stakeholders expected to result from any proposed recommendations, and
  7. Deliver findings and recommendations to the Premier by 31 March 2017.

Although the QFCC may consider a series of individual circumstances to form a view on systemic issues related to the Blue Card and Foster Care Systems, it is not a function of the review to investigate the circumstances of a particular child, family, Blue Card applicant or foster carer, or to advocate on their behalf.

Last modified: 
2 November 2016