Talking Families helping Queensland parents


QFCC’s latest instalment of its Talking Families campaign continued to strike a chord with Queensland families struggling with the pressures of parenting, attracting an impressive 152,000 engagements (likes, shares, comments etc.) and more than 4,500 comments during the eight-week digital campaign. 

The campaign, which ran from June to July 2018, targeted parents of children aged 0 to 4, and encouraged them to “get it off their chest,” reminding them that it’s normal to struggle but they’re never alone.

The campaign also reminded parents about the different types of support out there from informal chats with friends, family members or neighbours, to more formal services provided by health professionals or parenting programs.

The key messages clearly resonated with Queensland parents, resulting in a 25% increase in followers on the Talking Families Facebook page and around 1.9 million completed views of Talking Families videos on YouTube.

Principal Commissioner Cheryl Vardon said during the campaign evaluation, 7 out of 10 people surveyed said they felt an increase in comfort in asking for help with parenting stress.

“Queensland is a great place to raise a family and it’s fantastic to hear parents are feeling more comfortable asking for help. By reducing the stigma we’re empowering parents and that’s a good thing for families.” 

While the Talking Families website provided real life stories, blogs and helpful hints for conversation starters, parents were also encouraged to visit the oneplace Community Services Directory including 48,000 listings of family and community support.

On top of this, Talking Families phase 3 established a partnership with Family and Child Connect to implement a place-based pilot on the Sunshine Coast. Chancellor State College became the first Talking Families School in Queensland, where the initiative will play an integral role in building networks for parents.