More than safe commitment

Protecting children and keeping them safe is everyone’s responsibility. However, children also need to have their needs met and be able to reach their full potential. We can all play a part in helping children to be More than safe

In 2017, QFCC’s Principal Commissioner, Cheryl Vardon, invited leaders from across the child and family support sector to come together and share ideas about how we can work together so children, families and communities are cared for, protected, safe and able to reach their full potential. The leaders developed a joint commitment called More than safe

Since then, child and family support professionals from across Queensland have helped the QFCC to shape the core values and principles including:

Committed: Children, families and communities are at the heart of everything we do.

Connected: We work together to achieve better outcomes for children and families.

Courageous: We lead and empower each other to make change happen.

The values provide a single, agreed framework for the sector and help guide our practice. They support the existing principles of organisations across the sector. 

Ms Vardon and the CEO of Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS), Mark Henley, explain the More than safe commitment in the video below. (You can also view the video transcript).

Why did we develop More than safe?

In the Strengthening our sector strategy 2016-19 (PDF, 288KB), we committed to supporting the sector to build a proactive and positive professional culture in the way we work to support children and families. 

This stems from the recommendation by the Child Protection Commission of Inquiry for the QFCC to lead the sector in improving the professional culture, and move from talking about ‘protecting children is everybody’s responsibility’ to demonstrating how we’re each playing our role. 

We can all play our part

As individuals and as organisations, we can all demonstrate how we play our part in keeping children More than safe by spelling out our commitment, how we’re connected and being courageous. 

We’ve created some tools to help individuals and organisations do this.

You can show your commitment by downloading the More than safe certificate (PDF, 99KB). You might like to sign it and pin it to your wall as a visual pledge of your commitment.

The More than safe commitment statement (PDF, 98KB) shows how you put the core values into action. This is a valuable tool for specifically talking about how your work reflects your commitment. It can be used by individuals, or between individuals and their supervisors.

We each have a unique, but equally important, role to play in the lives of Queensland children and families.