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Stressed mums, dads, carers urged to get it off their chests

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Parenting is tough and – with research* showing almost 72 per cent of Queensland parents worried about being judged if they struggled with parenting and 76 per cent avoided telling others outside their family - it’s time to remind mums, dads, and carers “you’re not alone”.

Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) has launched the next phase of its Talking Families campaign, which aims to encourage parents to ‘get it off their chest’ and talk about the stresses of raising children and ask for help.

Principal Commissioner Cheryl Vardon said parents don’t always have to put on a brave face and it’s okay to talk about problems and ask for help.

“We know that mental health, financial worries, disability and relationship breakdowns are all factors that contribute to parental stress and, while these are not always easy to resolve, just getting it off your chest and taking the next step of asking for help with things that may seem big or small can make a real difference,” Ms Vardon said.

Ms Vardon said the Commission’s research* had shown while many families shared the same fears and concerns with parenting, they were reluctant to share their concerns with each other.

“The campaign also sends a message to the wider community about the importance of initiating a conversation and offering meaningful help to struggling parents,” Ms Vardon said.

“It can be hard for parents to seek some help, so offering practical help or doing something like taking the kids to the park or just sitting down for a chat and letting them get it off their chest can make all the difference,” Ms Vardon said.

“Everyone struggles from time to time.”

Ms Vardon said there was a lot of support available, from trusted family and friends, GPs, the school community or local family support services.

“We’ve provided some helpful hints on how to start the conversation with parents finding it tough at www.talkingfamilies.qld.gov.au.”

Queensland families can access local help from www.oneplace.org.au, which has more than 48,000 family support services listed.

Talking Families is part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to reforming family support and child protection services.


* IPSOS. (2016). Talking Families campaign. Detailed findings and technical report. Brisbane: Queensland Family and Child Commission. http://www.qfcc.qld.gov.au/talking-families-research-report

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