Laying foundations for the sector

As part of the Strengthening our sector strategy 2016-19 (PDF, 288KB), the QFCC is helping organisations that provide child and family support to be well-positioned, so they can meet the changing needs of Queensland children and families.

We want these organisations to flourish.

That’s why we’re working with the sector to provide advice and tools for organisations on business development and ways to monitor their performance – helping them move from compliance to excellence in their service delivery.

The QFCC has been working with the Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) to:

  • gather evidence about the organisational maturity of the industry as a whole
  • identify strategic business development priorities
  • implement an industry development agenda.

Together we’ve developed a suite of 3 reports – the first of their kind – profiling the capacity of non-government organisations (NGOs). The reports used publicly available data from 200 NGOs and provide a broad organisational profile of the sector.

The reports can be found on the CSIA website and include:

The reports also outline a broad industry development agenda that responds to the key themes and findings from the research.

By scoping an industry development approach, the QFCC and CSIA are:

  • responding to NGOs’ strategic business development needs to improve sustainability in our sector
  • fostering strong, effective organisations to work together to deliver real benefits to vulnerable children and their families
  • supporting longer term industry development that drives growth and sustainability.

Next steps and priorities

Our ongoing partnership with the CSIA is an excellent opportunity to combine our whole-of-system responsibilities in the child protection and family support reform process, with the CSIA’s industry expertise and future-focused business savvy.

As part of the next phase of the project, the QFCC will work in partnership with CSIA to implement the following industry development agenda priorities:

  • establish an excellence agenda for the child and family support sector that moves the focus beyond mere compliance, starting with child safe organisations 
  • digitise the organisational maturity scorecard and make it available to support business development in the industry
  • work with industry to identify opportunities to influence workforce supply and capability development. 

For more information or to get involved in supporting the business maturity scorecard or excellence agenda, please contact the Strategic Workforce Leadership team on or call (07) 3900 6044.