Career & Capability Framework

We’re working to ensure our sector is promoted as a rewarding, supportive and engaging place to build a career, with clear pathways and opportunities for development, progression and recognition.

Employers across the child and family support sector face challenges in attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining people with the right skills, knowledge and attributes. 

The QFCC has been working with sector stakeholders to develop a shared Career and capability framework and implementation resources to help address these challenges.

Resources and achievements

We now have frameworks for: 

It’s the first time our sector has had these kind of frameworks and they provide a guide on the skills, knowledge, abilities and attributes employees should have (at all levels). They’ve been designed to help identify gaps; guide recruitment, training and career development; as well as monitor and measure performance.

These frameworks were developed by a key group of sector workforce representatives who came together between July 2016 and June 2017 to:

  • define the role requirement areas for work across our sector
  • describe the detailed requirements by workforce level
  • trial and finalise the frameworks for frontline and operations management workforce. 

To accompany the frameworks, we now have an interim user guide (PDF, 1.18MB) that supports the use of the frameworks, while a comprehensive implementation guide and resources are developed. 

Next steps and priorities

As part of the Strengthening our sector: second action plan (PDF, 139KB), we will deliver a comprehensive implementation guide with additional resources.

The child and family support sector has already identified priorities that could be considered for development alongside the implementation guide, including:

  • job design, recruitment and selection resources/templates for a typical frontline workforce role
  • 'employee lifecycle' resources for smaller organisations with minimal human resource capacity
  • individual/team/organisation capability assessment
  • showcase framework pilot outcomes (case studies).

For more information or to get involved in supporting the development of the implementation guide and resources, please contact the Sector Development team on or call 07 3900 6032.

Cross-sector success

Thank you to the workforce champions who have contributed to building the Career and capability framework

This project brings together experienced representatives with an understanding of a range of roles and contexts in which family, child and youth support occurs; and requirements for quality work across these areas.

Along the way, we have consulted extensively with stakeholders about how best to recognise and describe cultural expertise as key elements in the requirement mix for work in this sector.

21 June 2018