Mitch Larkin holding up 3 fingers

Seconds Count campaign

Be a superhero

Say hello to our very own superhero and Olympic swimmer, Mitch Larkin. He is joining our summer campaign Seconds Count to help prevent children drowning.

Mitch is a Queenslander and an Olympic silver and bronze medallist, so he knows just how important seconds count in the water.

That's why Mitch has donned the red cape to spread our important water safety message.

Every second counts when children are in or near the water.

Every second counts when we are watching, staying in arm's reach and taking steps to keep them safe.

Even just a few seconds of inattention can have tragic consequences.

There are a number of steps you can take to keep kids safe around water.

Water safety tips factsheet (PDF, 210KB)

Drowning can be quick and quiet – young children often don’t make a sound after they enter the water.

Children under 5 years are most at risk. 

Tragically, in the past 12 years*, 60 children under 5 have drowned in swimming pools in Queensland.

Children in this age group make up 82% of child drownings. 

One and 2 year olds are the most vulnerable of all, making up 73% of children under 5 years who drowned. 

*Figures provided are from the Queensland Child Death Register (2004-2016).

Child drowning facts and figures (PDF, 456KB)

Preventing the key causes of child death factsheet (PDF, 359KB)