Real Skills for Real Life


During Queensland Youth Week, the Queensland Family and Child Commission Real Skills for Real Life survey asked young people aged 13-25 about the skills they need for adulthood. The results are in! 

Young people told us they need skills and knowledge about money, employment, moving out of home, heath care, daily living, and confidence interacting with adults. Some said they want to learn about civic participation, rights, and responsibilities, and want to develop conscientious personality traits such as determination, impulse control, and discipline. 

This highlights the breadth of skills young people want for adulthood. Most young people are currently learning life skills from parents but many are keen to learn life skills in school. 

We also heard that online information can be confusing and difficult to access but it is a common place young people go to when they seek information. They value being able to access clear ‘how to’ instructions from sources such as YouTube.