Queensland schools to become Talking Families schools


The QFCC is partnering with Family and Child Connect (FaCC) to bring its Talking Families initiative into Queensland schools. 

Research conducted by the QFCC showed that 72 per cent of Queensland parents worried about being judged if they struggled with parenting and 76 per cent avoided telling others outside their family.

Talking Families aims to normalise help-seeking behaviour and empower parents to ask for, and accept help with parenting issues early before they become crises.

Following the success of the launch of the Talking Families School initiative with FaCC (provided by Act for Kids) and Chancellor State College on the Sunshine Coast in July 2018, plans are now underway to roll out the initiative with FaCC, in schools across Queensland from early 2019. 

The Talking Families School initiative encourages schools to build a supportive culture and sense of community where parents feel they can ask for help without fear of being judged. 

The partnership enables the QFCC to progress Talking Families from a mass media campaign to effective and targeted community-led initiatives with parents and families. 

For Family and Child Connect, the partnership helps influence vulnerable families with a broader community message about asking for help, and offers more direct support pathways for families that they can navigate themselves.

Talking Families is part of the Queensland Government's commitment to reforming family support and child protection services.

For more information about the Talking Families School initiative, please contact QFCC Engagement and Community Education team via email at talkingfamilies@qfcc.qld.gov.au