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​QFCC launches Talking Families campaign


Parenting is hard and with life getting busier, the pressure on families is growing.  On 2 November, the Queensland Family and Child Commission launched a public education campaign “Talking Families” to encourage parents and families to talk about the pressures of parenting and to seek and accept help when they need it.

The six-week TV ad campaign is part of the Queensland Government’s wide-reaching child protection reforms that aim to refocus efforts on early intervention and strengthening families so that more children can remain at home safely.

Interim Principal Commissioner Steve Armitage said research with struggling families showed they were reluctant to seek and accept help because of pride or for fear of being judged as a bad parent.

“We want to change this perception. Everyone struggles from time to time and we want parents and families to know that it’s normal and it’s okay to talk about with friends and family and ask for help when it’s needed,” he said.

“We don’t want parents to feel alone. In addition to support from their immediate networks, there is also an enormous amount of help available from support services in the community.”

The TV ad campaign is supported by an online strategy and will run from 2 November to the start of the school holidays, a traditionally very busy and stressful time for families.

Mr Armitage said while the campaign was a positive step in the right direction, changing how parents and families feel won’t happen overnight or without the support of everyone who works with them.

“We have the commitment and investment from the Queensland Government to continue our public education campaign at least next five years.

“We are working with professionals, family support services, community groups and volunteer organisations in this time, so that we can all help spread the word that it’s okay for parents and families to talk about how they’re doing and to ask for help when it’s needed, before they reach crisis point.”

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