Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) champions the voices of children and young people to provide youth perspectives and leadership to the QFCC.  The YAC provides advice to the Commissioners on what is important to children and young people in Queensland.

The YAC meets regularly to talk about issues affecting young people. They work with other young people to identify the key issues, then designs and implements a response to address these issues.

Meet our Youth Champions


Aimee is a proud Worimi woman. She works at the CREATE Foundation as a Youth Facilitator.  As a result of her own lived experience in out-of-home care, Aimee is passionate about the out-of-home care system and the diverse range of issues that young people face in care and when transitioning to adulthood.

Aimee has been a strong advocate for issues such as youth justice, homelessness, housing, disability, minorities and disadvantaged people. She is also interested in the areas of domestic and family violence, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues and improving supports for young parents.


Ameya is a year 9 high school student. She is a Unitied Nations Youth Student Ambassador, a 2019 United Nations Voice of the Youth state finalist, and has been awarded a Rostrum public speaking award.

As a proud second-generation Australian, Ameya enjoys diverse experiences and traditions through her heritage and appreciates learning about other cultures, beliefs and traditions.

Ameya is a passionate advocate for children's rights, climate and environmental action, and speaking out against racism and bullying.  She is also interested in gender equality, domestic violence prevention and youth justice. Ameya hopes to become a diplomat for the Unitied Nations to make a better world for future generations.



Annika is a proud Torres Strait Islander from Iama (Yam) Island (Central Torres Strait). She brings her cultural authority and leadership to give a voice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people throughout her personal and professional networks.

Annika studied a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Hons in Organisational Psychology) and holds a dual consultancy role within Ernst and Youngs's People Advisory Services and Indigenous Sector Practice.  Annika is a Research Fellow at Griffith University where she researches equine-assisted therapies for disenfranchised youth.  She is currently involved in a national project to Assess the Disability Need of Indigenous Prisioners (ADNIP).

Annika also sits on the Premier's Advisory Committee to help the Queensland Government action the 29 recommendations from the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce report.

Annika's interests include Indigenous advancement and advocacy, equine-assisted therapies, entrepreneurship, mental health and wellbeing, online safety and youth empowerment.


Ben is studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies. He was a recipient of the Australian Future Leaders' Justice and Equity Award and the Peter Dutton Public Speaking Award.

Ben has previously worked as a Youth Ambassador for Save the Children Australia where he had the opportunity to deliver the Youth Manifesto for change to the Australian Government.

Ben is passionate about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation, especially in the Australian Constitution. Ben is also interested in LGBTQIA+ rights and the health and mental health of young people.  Ben hopes to become a dipolmat or work in the social justice sector.



Caroline is studying a Bachelor of Human Services and a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. As a result of her own journey in the care system, Caroline is a strong advocate for children and young people living in out-of-home care.  She has worked with the CREATE foundation to promote and create systemic change in the out-of-home sector.

Caroline is an experienced presenter. She recently participated in an online podcast with Bravehearts about child safe organisations, was a panel member for the Queensland Mental Health Commission's Shifting Minds launch and presented the findings of the QFCC's Growing up in Queensland project.

Caroline's other interests include breaking the stigma for children and young people in out-of-home care, youth mental health and criminology. Her career goal is to create positive change in these fields.



Chantel is studying a Bachelor of Education, works part-time as a legal receptionist and is a member of the Queensland Youth Engagement Panel (QYEP).

Chantel was a member of the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce and was a YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament member for Redlands.  She would like to become a YMCA Youth Executive Member.

Chantel's interests include making society better for all people, especially those who are marginalised, raising awareness about access for people with a disability and helping everyone to enjoy equal rights.



Dominic is studying a Bachelor of Business and a French language course. He is a talented ballet dancer, having received the 2019 Mackay Regional Council Arts & Culture Award for his contribution to the local arts community, and the Mackay Entertainment and Concention Centre Jack Sturgeon Bursary for his achievements in ballet.

Dominic is a member of the Queensland Youth Engagement Panel (QYEP), is the domestic student representative on the Queensland International Student Advisory Panel, and was a Queensland representatve at the National Schools Constitutional Convention.

Originally from Mackay, he is passionate about supporting regional communities to access equal opportunities and is an advocate for the arts and sport.  In the future, Dominic wishses to work in international relations and diplomacy for the government, particularly in French speaking countries.



Gillian is studying a Bachelor of Human Services and has previously completed a Dipolma of Community Services. She is a member of headspace Taringa's Youth Reference Group where she advocates for the importance of youth mental health.

Gillian works with the Children's Hospital Foundation as a bedside play volunteer and completed a student placement with the QFCC's Growing up in Queensland project.

Gillian's interests include youth mental health, healthcare and youth empowerment. She is passionate about supporting young people in the community and empowering them to be in control of their lives, overcome challenges and realise their potential.



Kathryn is a practicing solicitor and passionate advocate for equality and social inclusion. She is a member of the Executive Committee of the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament and is a Mentor to the Child Safety, Youth and Women Committee. She is also a member of Pride in Law, the only LGBTQIA+ legal network in Australia.

As a former convener of the Bond Sony Foundation's Children's Holiday Camp, Kathryn is experienced in supporting young people who require special assistance. She volunteers for UNICEF Australia and recently participated in the Young People's Plenary Panel at the Families Australia 'Child Aware' Conference.

Kathryn's interests include gender equality, public policy and advocating for the human rights of young people, especially those experiencing chronic health issues or facing discrimination.


Li Xuan

Li Xuan is studying Bachelor of Economics and recently completed a student intership in an education start up in China. She volunteers with United Nations Youth Queensland, facilitating insightful conversations about critical global issues with high school students.

As a child of immigrant parents from South East Asia, Li Xuan understands growing up and adapting to life with two cultural identities. She is a great advocate for multiculturalism.

Li Xuan's interests include feminism, mental health and well-being, youth empowerment, economics, entrepreneurship and innovation and making everyone, no matter where they are from, feel at home. Li Xuan would like to be a government economic consultant, developing policies for better, sustainable societies.



Madison is the 2019 Queensland Youth Volunteer of the Year and was a recipient of the International Diana Award for being an inspiring and exceptional volunteer, mentor and changemaker. Madison was recently shortlisted for the 2019 Queensland Young Australian of the Year award and was a Australian Human Rights Commission Young People's Human Rights medal finalist.

Madison is studying a Bachelor of Business and is involved with a variety of groups on campus and across various communities, including the National Council of Women Queensland, Women Deliver Young Leaders Program, Amnesty International, Queensland Mental Health Commission, Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers and Beyond Blue.

Madison is passionate about humanitarian and social justice issues, youth engagement, equality, inclusion, youth mental health awareness, and empowering women.  She hopes to work for the Unitied Nations where she can serve others and create positive social change.



Remington is studying a Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Paramedic Science. He works as a University Student Ambassador and a Lifeguard. He has been actively engaged in water safety awareness and drowning prevention as a volunteer Surf Life Saver over the past five years.

Remington has a professional interest in emergency care and rural community health and is a member of Towards Rural and Outback Health Professionals in Queensland.

Remington has an interest in mental health and wellbeing and is concerned about the rates of youth suicide and mental health disorders. He is passionate about increasing cycling safety and improving sun protection behaviours in teens.



Rosie has been the Junior Ambassador for Queensland Children's Week for the past four years. Through this role, she promotes the importance of children and young people's rights through various media channels and speaking events. She enjoys the opportunity to visit schools and kindergartens to talk to children and promote Children's Week among her peers. Rosie brings to the Youth Advisory Council skills in public speaking and advocacy along with a passion and dedication to providing a voice for young people. Rosie is a strong advocate for the rights of young people especially those who are marginalised or excluded.

Rosie's interests include children's rights, reducing the negative impacts of cyberbullying, anxiety and school performance pressure, increasing the amout of empathy we have for others and making a positive difference to the lives of young people.



Tom works for a domestic violence prevention program, R4Respect. In this role, he creates social media content for young people containing messages about warning signs, controlling attitudes and how to form non-violent, respectful relationships. Tom promotes recognition and understanding of the incredibly complex and difficult lives young people lead. His perspectives are informed by the interactions he has with young people online and with his peers. 

Tom's interests include men working to create healthy relationships, domestic violence prevention, creating a culture of consent and respect, queer representation and advocacy and using social media as a tool for positive social change.


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The Youth Advisory Council works with young people across Queensland through schools, agencies, organisations and support groups.  

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06 September 2019