Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council champions the voices of children and young people to provide youth perspectives and leadership to the QFCC.  The council provides advice to the commissioners on what is important to children and young people in Queensland.

The council meets regularly to talk about issues affecting young people. The council works with other young people to identify the key issues, then designs and implements a response to address these issues.  


Meet our Youth Champions


QFCC Youth Champion, Annika

Annika is a proud Torres Strait Islander. She brings her cultural authority and leadership to give a voice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people throughout her personal and professional networks. Annika studied a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Hons) at the University of Queensland, and holds a dual consultancy role within Ernst and Young’s People Advisory Services and the Indigenous Sector Practice teams. Annika has worked as a research assistant in equine-assisted therapies and a psychology tutor under the Indigenous Tutoring Assistance Scheme (ITAS). 

Annika's interests include Indigenous advancement and advocacy, equine-assisted therapies, mental health and wellbeing, online safety and youth empowerment.


QFCC Youth Champion, Caroline

Caroline is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology. She is a strong advocate for children and young people living in out-of-home care as a result of her own journey in the care system for the majority of her life. Caroline has worked with the CREATE Foundation for a number of years to promote and create systemic change in the out-of-home care sector and is an experienced presenter. 

Caroline's interests include improving the system for children and young people living in out-of-home care and young adults living with mental health issues. 


QFCC Youth Champion, Chantel Chantel is currently studying a Bachelor of Education at Griffith University and works part-time as a legal receptionist. She is a Member of the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament for Redlands and would like to become a YMCA Youth Executive Member. Chantel is a member of the Queensland Anti-cyberbullying Taskforce. With 16 other young people, Chantel recently attended the Youth Parliament Community Consult with the QFCC.

Chantel's interests include making society better for all people, especially those who are marginalised, raising awareness about access for people with a disability and the ability to enjoy equal rights. 


QFCC Youth Champion, CharlotteCharlotte works at YMCA Brisbane and is the current Program Coordinator of Queensland Youth Parliament. She was the Youth Member for Kallangur and the Justice and Legal Affairs Mentor on the Youth Parliament Executive before becoming Coordinator. She is also involved in various YMCA volunteer initiatives, such as the Council of Australian Youth Parliaments, the Inspired Leaders program and the Youth Empowerment Alumni. Charlotte is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She is on the QUT Law Society Executive as the Media and Communications Director for 2018. Charlotte completed a study exchange in Cambodia in 2017, and is undertaking a placement at the Queensland Advocacy Inc.

Charlotte's interests include empowering young people, political reform, international human rights, volunteering, criminal law and criminology, health and fitness, and equality. 


QFCC Youth Champion, Elloise

Elloise is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Social Science and has previously studied nursing. She is a young mum with experience of living in out-of-home care. She is an experienced CREATE young consultant and is now employed at CREATE Foundation as a community facilitator and an active member of G-Force. Elloise has shared her insights at various events, conferences and in the media advocating for children and young people living in care. Elloise uses both personal experience and professional knowledge to bring unique perspectives and positive change to current issues affecting Queensland’s young people.

Elloise's interests include empowering children and young people to have their voices heard, breaking the cycle of structural barriers which affect children and young people in later life, supporting the needs of young families and advocating for children and young people living in out-of-home care.


Levi currently attends the Street University. Levi has participated in headspace youth groups and completed a work experience placement at the Caboolture Hospital.  He hopes to further his career working with youth, dance and photography.  Levi's interests include photography, helping people and raising awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues and equal rights.



Rosie has been the Junior Ambassador for Queensland Children’s Week for the past four years. Through this role, she promotes the importance of children and young people’s rights through various media channels and speaking events. Rosie enjoys the opportunity to visit schools and kindergartens to talk to children and promote Children’s Week among her peers. Rosie brings to the Advisory Council skills in public speaking and advocacy along with passion and dedication to providing a voice for young people.  Rosie is a strong advocate for the rights of young people especially those who are marginalised or excluded.  

Rosie's interests include children's rights, reducing the negative impacts of cyberbullying, anxiety and school performance pressure, increasing the amount of empathy we have for others and making a positive difference in the lives of young people. 


QFCC Youth Champion, Taz

Taz is a Kalkadoon and Bwgcolman Brotherboy. He is passionate about his culture and wants to educate and encourage the current generation and generations to come in all walks of life. Taz has lived experience in out-of-home care. Since the age of two, Taz struggled with gender dysphoria and has become an advocate, educator and mentor for young people who share the same story. Through the medium of social media and videos, he shares his story about his personal struggle with mental health and self-harming behaviours. In 2015 Taz filmed a documentary with the SBS about being a Brotherboy - the first of its kind for the Brotherboy community and has featured in other short films. Taz has worked with headspace and currently works with Diverse Voices. 

Taz's interests include transgender and suicide issues in Australia, especially in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTIQ+ communities. 


Tom is studying politics and works for a domestic violence prevention program, R4Respect. In this role, he creates social media content for young people containing messages about warning signs, controlling attitudes and how to form non-violent, respectful relationships. Tom promotes recognition and understanding of the incredibly complex and difficult lives young people lead. His perspectives are informed by the interactions he has with young people online and with his peers. 

Tom's interests include politics, public policy, men working to create healthy relationships, domestic violence prevention, creating a culture of consent and respect, LGBTQIA+ representation and advocacy and using social media as a tool for positive social change. 


Zoe currently attends the Street University and has experience working in the child care industry. Zoe has experienced the pain of losing a friend and had trouble dealing with the loss. This personal journey through grief and loss combined with her youth leader experience with Teenlink Girls Camps has cemented her passion in supporting young people in her community. Zoe would like to explore a career in animal care and music.

Zoe's interests include writing music and poetry, playing music and supporting young people in her community. 


Want to get involved? 

We appoint new members to the Youth Advisory Council every two years or as needed. 

The Youth Advisory Council works with young people across Queensland through schools, agencies, organisations and support groups.  

Come back here to stay connected with updates on current projects and opportunities to get involved.  


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10 December 2018