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​Profiling the child and family services workforce

The Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) is aiming to develop an overall, whole-of-service perspective on what the child and family services workforce currently looks like in Queensland.
By capturing this knowledge it will help in defining what shape the workforce is in and how best to direct future investment to assist with capability and capacity building across the whole sector.
The workforce delivers services to some of the most vulnerable people in Queensland, but little data currently exists about it across both government and non-government service systems. 
This makes it difficult to understand the broader picture of the whole workforce across the sector and the workforce dynamics that exist. 
The QFCC has partnered up with the Health and Community Services Workforce Council to develop an inaugural baseline profile of Queensland’s child protection and family support workforce through a survey called ‘Your Workforce, Your Future’. 
It is the first time that this particular cohort has been profiled in such specific and focused detail. 
Participating organisations will be able to see how they are tracking, compared to sector trends, and use the data to inform operational workforce planning and development of internal workforce strategies.
The baseline will draw on data and evidence gathered through the specialised survey tool, which is designed to obtain a detailed snapshot of the sector as it currently stands and identify broad characteristics and trends in the workforce.
Data from the project will form part of an evolving evidence base to guide and inform future workforce planning and development priorities for the child and family support sector in Queensland. 
This business and workforce intelligence will have the power to inform, educate and inspire change.
The survey targets organisations currently delivering services to children and vulnerable families – no matter where they sit in the service system. 
This includes organisations who deliver government funded or self-funded programs or interventions with a focus on supporting positive family functioning, and assisting families to effectively care for and protect their children, as well as supporting children living in out-of-home care. 
Knowing what our workforce currently looks like is critical in prioritising investment in workforce initiatives under the QFCC's Strengthening the Sector strategy which aims to build capacity, capability and a positive practice culture in the sector.
The findings from the ‘Your Workforce, Your Future’ survey will support the development of further workforce strategies and provide a means of monitoring, measuring and assessing future child protection and family support workforce needs.
The success and usefulness of the project depends on the sector’s participation. 
This is the earliest and easiest opportunity to make sure your organisation’s needs are considered as part of the Strengthening the Sector strategy, and that your organisation is represented in these critical decisions.
To find out more visit the ‘Your Workforce, Your Future’ survey.