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Local solutions for local communities

We support communities to work together to identify local priorities in responding the challenges they face and in building community and organisational capacity to meet local needs.

Local service providers in the Rockhampton and Fraser Coast areas are coming together in a Strengthening our Place initiative to identify and develop opportunities to strengthen the capacity, capability and culture of child and family support.

From the many ideas generated in the latter part of 2016, one of the projects that received support by the QFCC, the Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) and local advisory groups is Bringing and keeping our Ghundus home!.

Read about the Healing Tree Canopy image.

Bringing and keeping our Ghundus home! (Fraser Coast)

This project is dedicated to connecting to culture and giving young people from Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander communities in Hervey Bay a voice. The group wants to work together to make positive changes for Ghundus on child protection orders and to support carers and other key stakeholders to embed culturally competent approaches when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Work to assist residential care workers and young people to build their cultural knowledge and experience is underway. This project included a connecting to culture program as well as showcasing and celebrating the learning through two community events. The events were a Healing Circle community gathering held in Hervey Bay during Reconciliation Action Week and in Maryborough during NAIDOC week.

The healing circle in Hervey Bay gave local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations the opportunity to share:

  • fantastic initiatives being delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in community controlled, government and non-government services
  • ways to develop and deliver cultural learnings for non-Indigenous foster carers/workers of fostering services and youth workers at residential care homes
  • ways of working together to increase cultural supports available for families.

The Healing Tree Canopy

This image began with the thousands of years of culture embedded in this land.
This culture has kept our Indigenous peoples strong.
The roots of the tree are embedded in this culture.
The tree trunk is the growth of our community.
The individual child images are our Indigenous children in each foster care home.
We need to help these carers to become secure in Indigenous practices and cultural awareness. Thus keeping our children connected and strong in Culture and community.
The tree canopy is the canopy of support available to carers and children.
The organisations, services and support which will be inscribed in here are the services available in the Fraser Coast areas.
The roots of the tree will also be inscribed with words and phrases identified by our community as Cultural practices which keep our community strong.
This canvas also fits with the Ribbon Tree which will hold special messages of support for our children in care from families and members of the community.

Artist: Kutcha B Blackman Artist - Karen Hall. A Fraser Coast ‘Butchulla’ Artist.


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8 August 2017