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27 February 2019

Youth survey report 2018: From city to country: Comparing major cities and regional areas

This report used data from Mission Australia’s seventeenth annual online survey of Australian young people which identified their values, aspirations and concerns to compare the responses of young people living in major cities with those of their peers in regional areas. Of the respondents, 10,037 were living in regional areas (54.4% females, 44.1% males), and 17,296 young people were from major cities (56.8% females, 41.6% males). A greater proportion of young people from regional areas than major cities identified as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander (8.9% compared with 3.9%). More young people from major cities reported they were very satisfied or satisfied with their studies and were planning to go to university after school. The top three issues of personal concern for young people from major cities were coping with stress, school or study problems and mental health (44.9%, 35.6% and 31.9%). Coping with stress and school or study problems were also the top issues of personal concern for young people from regional areas; however, their third most identified concern was body image (40.2%, 30.4% and 29.8%).