Knowledge and Resource Hub
19 January 2018

The use and impact of Applied Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) in Scotland: An evaluation

This paper reports on an evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the ASIST suicide prevention program in Scotland. Overall, the evaluation found the program was effective and could be sustainable into the future. Participants’ self-reported levels of knowledge, confidence and skills in relation to intervening with someone at risk of suicide increased considerably immediately after ASIST and increases were largely maintained over time. The majority of participants, however, felt that their ASIST skills would need updating. The proportion of participants who reported intervening with a person at risk of suicide increased by 20% following their training, with most reporting using the training to good effect. Importantly, the impact of the training varied across locations, with some areas showing limited or virtually non-existent impact from the training. The paper also provides suggestions for improving the benefits of the program and ensuring sustainability.