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17 May 2019

Three years on from the (Victorian) Royal Commission into Family Violence

This report highlights the progress of the family violence reforms since the Royal Commission into Family Violence in Victoria handed down its report in 2016. The Royal Commission emphasised the need for outcome-orientated action. The Victorian Government responded by clearly linking the reform agenda to the desired outcomes through The Family Violence Outcomes Framework. The framework was developed in consultation with the family violence service delivery sector, victim survivors and community members. The framework clearly outlines Victoria’s priorities in preventing and responding to family violence, why these priorities matter and what constitutes success in achieving these outcomes. The government aims to create a world-leading service system aimed at changing underlying attitudes and beliefs that condone family violence, while delivering services to support victim survivors. The experiences of victim survivors form the centre of the reform agenda, to ensure cultural and systemic change. To date, the government has already implemented 120 of the 227 recommendations since the release of the final report.