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11 September 2019

Systems and service supports for children and families living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

This paper from Emerging Minds outlines some of the broader issues related the provision of appropriate, timely and relevant services and supports for children and families living with FASD. Children with FASD have a range of developmental disorders associated with a variety of physical, mental health, and behavioural difficulties. These children often require support from multiple service providers, including health services, mental health services, child protection, intensive family support, and alternative and mainstream education services. Many aspects of conventional services, such as referral pathways and information provision may be less suited to children living with FASD as access to these services assumes well-developed memory, language or organisation skills that may be lacking in children affected by FASD. Collaborative service provision that relies on a shared understanding of children’s needs is possibly the best way of engaging with and supporting children and families living with FASD.