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23 April 2018

South Australian child protection expenditure from the Report on Government Services 2018

This report from the South Australian Guardian for Children and Young People examines the State's delivery of child protection services within the national context. She noted that over the last three reporting years compared to national average South Australia now ranks second for total child protection  services expenditure per child, with national average expenditure now some 68.7 % of the  South Australian rate. Seventy-eight per cent of all South Australian child protection services expenditure in 2016‐17 was committed to out of home care.  Furthermore, in relation to child and family support services in 2016‐17, the national average real expenditure per child on family support services in 2016‐17 was  just 67 per cent of the South Australian average, with South Australia having increased its  total real expenditure in this program area some 320 per cent since 2013/14.