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03 May 2019

The reproduction of child maltreatment: An examination of adolescent problem behavior, substance use, and precocious transitions in the link between victimization and perpetration

This research used prospective, longitudinal data from the Rochester Youth Development Study to examine two developmental pathways that may serve as bridges between being a victim of maltreatment in childhood and later  perpetration of maltreatment: adolescent problem behaviours and precocious transitions to adulthood. There was a  significant relationship between maltreatment victimisation and later maltreatment perpetration. Adolescent delinquency and two precocious transitions to adulthood; dropping out of school and independent living; as well as the accumulation of precocious transitions and problem behaviours, were mediators of the intergenerational relationship between childhood maltreatment and the later perpetration of child maltreatment.