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31 July 2018

Remote student university success: An analysis of policy and practice

This study explored the principles of good practice that support the success of university students who come from remote Australia. It specifically examined ways universities and public policy could support remote students’ success. Young people from remote regions are disadvantaged in their access to university education. Children born in remote Australia are only one third as likely to go to university as children born in a major city. Furthermore, for those who do attend university, the completion rates are lower (60.3%) than their regional (69.4 %) and metropolitan (74.9 %) peers. The research also confirms that remote students are not just a component of a larger regional cohort. Rather, they represent a distinct group in themselves. Moreover, remote students often have unique knowledge, capabilities and valuable perspectives. The report uses its key findings to develop six principles to guide universities and government to support remote students' university success.