Knowledge and Resource Hub
24 July 2018

Protecting Australia’s Children: Using the First 1000 Days to build health and wellbeing in families and communities

This presentation from Professor Kerry Arabena discusses the use of The Australian First 1000 Days Model to provide a coordinated, comprehensive intervention to address the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from conception to two years of age; thereby laying the foundation for their future health and wellbeing. Professor Arabena  discusses twelve family focused intervention programs. These will include access to comprehensive primary health care, early literacy programs and increasing engagement with antenatal and early years services. Part of the overall intervention will also involve developing a workforce focusing on family healing and First 1000 Days’ interventions as well as improving service coordination. Furthermore, there will be a focus on tackling important issues such as addressing family violence, providing early nutritional interventions, family mentoring and encouraging family based entrepreneurial solutions.  Interventions will also aim to improve parenting and focus on raising culturally knowing and motivated children. Lastly, work will be done with relevant departments to improve policy and practice.