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29 January 2019

A preventable burden: Measuring and addressing the prevalence and health impacts of intimate partner violence in Australian women: Key findings and future directions

This report uses data from the Australian Burden of Disease Study which examined the serious health outcomes for women exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) in the populations of women experiencing the highest health impacts, women of reproductive age (18-44 years) and Indigenous women. Intimate partner violence is common, with 1 in 3 Australian women reporting experiencing  physical or sexual violence and/or emotional abuse by an intimate partner since age 15. It contributes an estimated 5.1% of the disease burden in women aged 18-44 years and has serious impacts on women’s health including injuries and homicide, poor mental health, reproductive health problems and problems with alcohol and drug use. For Indigenous women IPV contributes an estimated 10.9% to the disease burden in Indigenous women aged 18-44 years, which is more than any other risk factor.