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29 August 2018

PISA Australia in focus number 2: Educational expectations

This report explores students’ expectations for further education as measured in PISA 2015 and compares educational expectations across Australian jurisdictions and with OECD countries, as well as for different demographic groups and considers changes in educational expectations for Australian students over time. The proportion of Australian students who expected to complete a university degree was higher than the average across OECD countries. Educational expectations were higher amongst students in the ACT and lower for those in Tasmania. The authors noted that lower educational expectations among certain groups of young people, Indigenous students, those from low SES backgrounds and those living in remote areas are concerning. In relation to trends, Australian students’ aspirations for a tertiary qualification - either a TAFE diploma or a university degree - have declined over the past 12 years, with the decline in expectations of a university education being greatest among first-generation Australian students (those who were born in Australia to at least one foreign-born parent) with a decrease of 15 percentage points.