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07 January 2019

Perinatal anxiety & depression in men

This brief article provides information on anxiety and depression for men during pregnancy (antenatal) and the perinatal period (first year of parenthood). Around 1 in 20 men experience depression during pregnancy while up to 1 in 10 new fathers struggle with depression following the birth of their baby. There are a range of signs and symptoms of perinatal anxiety and depression which may include factors such as constant tiredness or exhaustion;  ongoing headache and high physical stress levels; sleep problems that are not related to baby’s sleep; and ongoing irritability, anger or moodiness.  Men who do not feel  supported or who lack  information about what  to expect with pregnancy  or childbirth may be  at increased risk of anxiety and depression as well as those with a  previous history of anxiety or depression; a history of childhood trauma or family conflict; sleep deprivation; relationship problems and supporting a partner with perinatal anxiety or depression. Information in also included on 'looking after yourself' and where to get help.