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21 October 2019

Out-of-home care and the educational achievement, attendance, and suspensions of maltreated children: A propensity-matched study

This study examined the influence of out-of-home care on reading scores, attendance, and suspensions by comparing a matched sample of maltreated children who entered out-of-home care and maltreated children who remained at home. Both groups of maltreated children had poor educational outcomes, with  no difference in year 9 reading achievement for the out-of-home care and in-home care groups. There was no difference in suspensions for the groups. The only significant difference was children in out-of-home care had fewer school absences than children in in-home care. The authors concluded that while out-of-home care was not  a significant factor in the adverse educational outcomes of these children; however, there was a clear need for further educational support to address poor outcomes for children involved with child protection services.