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10 July 2018

Online safety

This paper from AIFS provides information about online safety for service providers and other professionals who work with families and children, including relevant resources to share with parents and carers. It includes specific tips for parents to use to help their children safely use the internet. The tips focus on, first, monitoring and supervision suggesting developing a plan about internet use in partnership with family members which should also include setting limits on screen time. Second, guidelines are given for helping to protect children through such strategies as using a family-friendly internet service provider (ISP) with proven online safety protocols; empowering  children and young people to use the internet safely by mutually exploring safe sites and explaining why they are safe as well as educating children and young people on why it is not safe to give out any personal details online. Third, parents are also encouraged to engage with their children and discuss relevant issues including how to distinguish between online information that is helpful or unhelpful, true or false, useful or not useful and to encourage their child to question things on the internet. Lastly, parents are provided with information on reporting any online content they believe is prohibited or inappropriate.