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21 February 2018

Mind the gap: The National Disability Insurance Scheme and psychosocial disability: Final report: Stakeholder identified gaps and solutions

This report examines gaps in the National Disability Insurance Scheme for people with psychosocial disability and proposes solutions to address these issues. Stakeholders identified gaps in two main areas. First, relating to the administration of the Scheme for people living with psychosocial disability who are potentially eligible; including: a. Scheme engagement and application processes, and b. Scheme assessments, planning, plan activation and review. Second, service delivery to those living with severe mental illness who will not be eligible for the Scheme, or for a multitude of reasons are not applying, and therefore need to keep receiving services outside of the NDIS. The report suggests a range of solutions including dedicated high-level leadership on psychosocial disability which works with a well resourced steering group to evaluate current practice and its effectiveness at meeting client needs, redevelop NDIS materials and processes to address ongoing implementation issues, work with federal, state and territory governments to monitor the impact on services and provide direction on  levels of training and the development required for workers.