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08 April 2019

Inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism: Draft report

This draft report from the Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism covers its  preliminary analysis, key findings and the draft recommendations.. The report notes that in direct financial terms, imprisonment costs the Queensland community almost a billion dollars every year while the social costs, although harder to measure, are much greater. Incarceration has profound impacts on prisoners, their families and the community; including loss of employment, housing, relationships, as well as mental health problems and potential criminogenic effects; all factors which increase the risk of reoffending. The Inquiry notes that early indications are that the community may actually be made safer by reforming current practices. It is considering whether there is a case for some crimes to be punished with non-custodial options; could better outcomes be achieved with improvements to rehabilitation and reintegration; would it be better to treat some offences as medical issues, rather than criminal offences; and should victims be empowered by building in restitution and restoration options?