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28 May 2018

Go Your Own Way CREATE's resource for young people transitioning from care in Australia: An evaluation

A  concerning observation affecting the evaluation of the GYOW Kits was that only 52% of the sample had received the resource. The authors noted that clearly, the distribution processes, controlled by governments to ensure that all 17 year-olds received a Kit, did not work. Around 75% of respondents who did receive the kits, reported positive initial reactions to the Kits, but it was concerning that 47% never discussed the Kit with anyone. A proportion of these (e.g., the 25% of the sample who reacted negatively to the Kit) found it difficult to discuss the Kit because nobody had explained to them what the Kit was for. About half the young people found that the Kit didn’t need major changes or improvements, although 12% commented there could be a better explanation of how it was to be used.   Analyses revealed that those young people who received a GYOW Kit were significantly more likely to have a transition plan than were those who did not receive a Kit. However, the data indicate that the  Kit did not function as intended in leading to large numbers of young people having more meetings with caseworkers to develop transition plans. The report includes ten recommendations for improving the distribution of the kits.