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22 March 2018

Fact sheet 4: What makes a better system?

This factsheet from ARACY reviewed research and practice evidence in prevention and early intervention to identify factors that promote positive child development and how better systems can be built to provide better life outcomes for children with a specific focus on improving our current systems which are fragmented, poorly coordinated, respond to crisis rather than prevent problems, and only use limited knowledge about what actually works. .The paper provides key insights for policy and practice, including: (1) There is no one single model or a ‘silver bullet’ solution for the ideal system. (2) Better systems prevent problems and respond early to issues. (3)  Better systems are grounded in key principles for how we operate. (4)  Better systems are intelligent– data about what works drives decision making. (5)  Better systems are harmonised to work for common goals. (6) Better systems are not static or rigid – they are agile, flexible and responsive.