Knowledge and Resource Hub
18 November 2019

Evaluation readiness, program quality and outcomes in men’s behaviour change programs

This research aimed to develop a better understanding of a range of issues that are relevant to the effectiveness of men’s behaviour change programs, including how to identify the factors that are likely to be most strongly associated with behavioural change, and how to measure changes that occur over time. Through consultations with men’s behaviour change programs (MBCP) providers and interviews with partners of MBCP participants, the research identified the need to (a) improve outcome measurement; (b) improve safety planning; and (c) strengthen current approaches to assessment, partner contact and intervention. To address these issues, the authors made 17 recommendations organised into four main areas: translating the evidence to improve current MBCPs; overarching considerations for improving and enhancing MBCPS in Australia; future considerations for the development of standards and accreditation systems; and developing future evidence about Australian MBCP reach and effectiveness.