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19 February 2019

Changing parent’s mindfulness, child management skills and relationship quality with their youth: Results from a randomized pilot intervention trial

This study conducted a pilot randomised trial to evaluate the efficacy of a mindful parenting program for changing parents' mindfulness, child management practices, and relationships with their early adolescent youth and tested whether changes in parents' mindfulness mediated changes in other domains. Comparisons were made between a delayed intervention control group and a group receiving an adapted version of the Strengthening Families Program infused with mindfulness principles and practices. Results of pre-post analyses of mother and youth-report data showed that the mindful parenting program generally demonstrated comparable effects to the original program on measures of child management practices and stronger effects on measures of mindful parenting and parent-youth relationship qualities. The mindful parenting program operated indirectly on the quality of parent-youth relationships through changes in mindful parenting. Overall, the findings suggest that infusing mindful parenting activities into existing empirically validated parenting programs can enhance their effects on family risk and protection during the transition to adolescence.