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17 May 2019

The Brisbane Youth Detention Report: An investigation into the management of young people at Brisbane Youth Detention Centre between November 2016 and February 2017

This report presents the findings of the Queensland Ombudsman's investigation into the management of young people at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre (BYDC), particularly incidents that culminated in a riot at the centre on 30 January 2017. The Ombudsman specifically investigated a range of particular issues including the development of risk management strategies for the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre (CYDC) young people following their transfer to BYDC; a rooftop incident in November 2016; allegations of threats and assaults on young people by CYDC young people, orchestrated by BYDC staff; concern about safety and security at BYDC in the lead up to the BYDC riot; separation of the seven young people involved in the riot from the general BYDC population after the riot; and the use of admission rooms to accommodate young people during separation. The report presents the findings and the Ombudsman made  17 recommendations to address the problems identified during the investigation.