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12 March 2018

The Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey 2017 Data

This research reports on the results of the 2017 survey of school principals and deputy/assistant principals’ health and wellbeing which has been measured annually since 2011. The survey highlighted that the job demands of principals have increased. They are dealing with greater numbers of mental health issues in both staff and students which is causing higher levels of stress for principals. They are also dealing with unacceptable levels of offensive behaviour, bullying and violence which is being inflicted on them by both parents and students. These levels have a far higher prevalence than for the general population. For example, rates of actual physical violence have risen since 2011. Now 1 in 3 principals have experienced physical violence - which is 8.4 times the rate for the general population. Despite these increasing stressors, not enough is being done to assist stressed and overworked school principals.