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10 July 2018

Assessing the impact of NSW’s Safer Pathway Program on recorded crime outcomes: An aggregate-level analysis

This research from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research evaluated the effectiveness of the Safer Pathway program in reducing the incidence of domestic violence. The research compared the outcomes of the Safer Pathway program by measuring seven different domestic violence (DV) outcomes in several areas receiving the program and in similar areas not receiving the program. The measured outcomes were: the number of incidents of DV offences, DV assaults, persons of interest (POIs) proceeded against for DV offences, POIs proceeded against for DV assault, victims of DV incidents, victims of DV assault and police call-outs for DV. The analysis showed there were no significant effects of the roll-out of the program on any of the outcomes at stage 1 which had commenced in September 2014. However, at stage 2 which commenced in July 2015 there was evidence for a small improvement in several DV indicators in areas where the program was implemented.