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12 December 2018

Amplify insights: Housing affordability and homelessness

This report assembles the evidence from official statistics, academic research and other publicly available information about the lived experience of homelessness and housing affordability in Australia. On any given night, 1 in 200 people in Australia are homeless. Three out of every five low-income households are currently in housing stress or crisis. There has been the greatest increases in homelessness amongst people living in severely overcrowded dwellings which makes homelessness increasingly hidden. Certain groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (3in 100), young people (1 in 100) and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (1 in 100) are particularly vulnerable to homelessness. The key drivers of homelessness included domestic violence, high costs of housing, the inadequacy and inappropriateness of existing housing stock, and the discharge of people from various institutions without safe, stable and affordable homes on their release.