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18 November 2019

Advancing child sexual abuse prevention in schools: An exploration of the effectiveness of the Enough! Online Training Program for k-12 teachers

This research examined the effectiveness of the program in terms of knowledge awareness, including prevalence rates, types of child sexual abuse (CSA) behaviors, impact of CSA on children, signs and symptoms, reporting responsibilities and responses to suspected abuse through an online survey of one hundred and thirty-four teachers from three school districts. Participants were randomly assigned to intervention and control groups. The intervention group (A) received the Enough! training and completed a pre-/post-test and an evaluation of the training. Group B (control) completed the post-test only, and Group C (control) completed both the pre- and post-tests. The intervention group’s knowledge was significantly higher than that of the control groups at post-test. Participants in the intervention also reported a high level of satisfaction with the training, as well as increased awareness and willingness to take action in the future.